Begin your life together with a carefully crafted and fun engagement party where all you need to do is enjoy the company of your family and friends.

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The Moment


Formal to Casual


You’ve made the big decision to become part of your ultimate team by tying the knot! Let us celebrate with you at your engagement party!

We can host traditional as well as coed parties, with space for hundreds of guests. You can plan your party with joint activities for the Bride and Groom and your friends and family, or split off under the same roof.

Cadence @ the Strip is the ideal venue for a curated event to fit your dreams!

Fun and Fresh

Rooted in the bustling historic Strip District, guests will be swept away by the exposed brick, high ceilings, fantastic views, and deep history. Your dedicated planner, chef, and mixologist will expand endless opportunities with our locally sourced food and beverage options.

Let the Celebration Begin

Your engagement party brings all your friends and family together, sets the tone for your event. Coed engagement parties add a twist to this cherished pre-wedding event tradition enabling you to involve members from both sides making for an unrestricted guest list.

Cadence @ the Strip has the creativity, crazy team, and storied service that make your engagement party fun and unforgetable for your guests and family!

At Your Service


Martin Vecellio

Martin has worked with Common Plea for forty years.  His goal at Common Plea is to give his clients food and beverage memories.  Martin designs event dreamscapes and works with his clients on every aspect of their celebrations.  He makes the client’s vision his focus for their special day.  Then, working with Common Plea Catering, he adds his design flair to ensure the uncommon event is a dream that his client will remember for a lifetime and beyond.

Martin’s background in graphic design and photography allows him to help you set an unforgettable stage where the celebration of your union is magical from the moment you and your guests enter Cadence @ The Strip.  

His experience in designing premier event spaces and dreamscape destinations throughout Pittsburgh will be invaluable in crafting each element of your event.  You can know, h
e will help you cover all the bases from menu to settings so that your guests and you have the most memorable event of your life. 


Stacy Stoller

Stacy has been a part of the Common Plea team for ten years.   Throughout her time, she has had the opportunity to work in some of Pittsburgh’s finest venues, as well as many private residences. 

Her experience and knowledge from having the ability to produce events from the ground up helps her shape your vision to an amazing moment.  Stacy works directly with all her clients and planners from the beginning to discuss the overall vision for the event. This allows her to get creative with the kitchen team to develop a menu that represents them. 

Stacy takes great pride in her work, design, and dedication to every event, which has allowed her to help clients create extraordinary events into lasting memories and stories. 

While collaborating during the planning process, she strives for the best experience for her clients.  She will help you cover all the bases from menu to settings so that your guests and you have the most memorable event of your life. 

Common Plea Catering is the in-house provider of outstanding food and service at CADENCE+ and is recognized as one of the leading caterers in America.